Kabo Music, the music publishing arm of Kabo Group, represents the catalog of Steve Bonilla.

No samples are available right now. To hear a little of Steve’s work, check out the video at Kabo Films.




Steve Bonilla Discography
  • Alan Boyd, Channel Surfing, Boyd Production Group
    (co-writer, “Busy Doin’ Something”)
  • Tres, Hold On to Your Dreams, Priority Records
    (co-writer, 8 songs; co-producer of album)
  • Redrum, Metal Massacre 9, Metal Blade Records
    (co-producer, “Random Violence”)
  • Runaways, Young and Fast, Allegiance Records
    (co-writer, “Sex People,” “Heavy Metal Nights”)
  • Orange Sisters & The Ventures, Alpha Moon Records, Japan
    (background vocals and vocal arranger, 2 tracks)
  • Tom Stevens (Long Ryders)
    (co-producer, “Telephone” and “The Grip”)
  • Earle Mankey, Real World EP, Happy Hermit Records
    (background vocals and vocal arranger, “Bigger  Than Life")