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Nothing is recent, unless you want to read a bunch of economics and sociology papers. A historical novel will be completed later this century.


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Fiction and essays:
Clues in VerbSap (Fall 2006)

Life Story: Pass in Eclectica (July/August 2006)

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A few paragraphs from Jennie Kaufman’s most recent novel, Cartoon Gravity.

Nick and the Illustrator® 10 by Jennie Kaufman
An awkward romance (posted 11/17/09)

What Difference? by Jennie Kaufman
The Save Darfur rally in Washington, DC: what it was like and why it mattered (posted 6/5/06)

Age of Terrorism Bad-Poetry Project
You can still contribute your bardish musings about security and dread. (newest post 10/11/05)

The Dynasty Years, by Jennie Kaufman
Looking back on those days you can't quite
(posted 6/15/05)

Eleanora, by Jennie Kaufman
Imagining a time less tainted (posted 5/15/05)

On Despair, by J. K. Hosierides
A brief philosophical essay by a thoughtful
thespian (posted 10/31/04)

The History of the Cow Trap, by Jennie Kaufman
A bit of trivia about what makes this country
(the U.S.) great (posted 10/3/04)

Portraits of Greatness, by Jennie Kaufman
The story of a young man’s fevered journey
beyond Mount Rushmore (posted 9/20/04)