The Ark
The Ark
a novel by Jennie Kaufman

Thirteen years ago Jackson Leone fled his tiny island home, a rain-worshiping utopia with a deep-seated fear of tourism, and made a life in Europe as a sculptor for hire.

Now he’s back, still wrong in all the same ways: irreligious, socially awkward, and gay. But the town is building an ark, and skills such as his are scarce. Noah, the sister he adores, urges him to stay and work. He protests—until he gets a breathless glimpse of what he’s really seeking.

His efforts to appear normal don’t sit well with those who oppose the ark, and he finds himself caught between the suspicious and the devout. As the scrutiny intensifies, Jackson longs to catch the next plane out, but there are no planes. There’s only the half-built ark, which leads him places in his homeland he never dreamed of.

Paperback $12
5.5" x 8.5"
257 pages
ISBN 0-9744162-0-7

Wildly praised by readers!
  • “It reminds me of a Magritte painting: it looks totally realistic but can’t, quite, possibly be, in a way that makes you think.”
  • “We want to spend time in that oddly seductive place, with those oddly seductive characters, for whom love, intolerance, home, and escape are as important as they are to us.”
  • “This writer has hopscotched past Don DeLillo and brings a new and original voice to the art.”

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